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In recent history the major

In recent history the major conflicts have been started under the Republican banner and I suspect the vast majority of the murder has been conducted under them as well. But just to be fair, here is a recent list...

Democrats John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson sent troops to Vietnam, and Republican Richard Nixon kept them there.
Republican Gerald Ford sent troops to Angola.
Democrat Jimmy Carter sent troops to Iran (on a small mission that failed).
Republican Ronald Reagan sent troops to Grenada and Nicaragua.
Republican George Bush Sr. sent troops to Iraq and Panama.
Democrat Bill Clinton sent troops to Haiti, Somalia, and the former Yugoslavia.
Republican George Bush Jr. sent troops to Iraq and Afghanistan.

I'm sick and tired of these megalomaniacs... Personally I can't stand the established GOP because in addition to murdering all these people, they talk about how they are the party of god, morality.