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Idaho Rules-- caucus

2. How does the Caucus work?

The first Tuesday in March, the day of Idaho’s Republican Presidential Nomination Caucus, every county in the state will hold a County Caucus.

The voting will be conducted by secret ballot and takes place in successive rounds. Each round, low vote-getters are eliminated. Voting ends in either of two circumstances: a) one candidate receives a simple majority of at least 50% of the vote; or b) only two final candidates remain on the ballot and the final vote is taken.

Delegates for the Republican National Convention will be apportioned according to the Counties’ state convention apportionment and the voting totals from the County Caucuses with the proviso that any candidate who receives more than 50% of the statewide County Caucus delegates total will be awarded all the Idaho delegates for the Republican National Convention

What does this mean practically? I heard on freerepublic that Santorum/gingrich could combine their votes to equal 50 percent... can this happen? It does not look like it according to Idaho GOP rules... or did I miss something?