Comment: Was that it?

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Was that it?

A BLOG? Thanks for showing it since it shows ABC as a disgrace. It would have been better to just ignore the March like the others did.

You know what I think? I suspect that the media was afraid of the Military people. Really anyone who has not been around large groups of Military Men and Woman feel very, very uneasy...Why? most of them have not had any "service to their country." Look at Romney and his 5 military. Newt...he got out on medical, so called "flat feet." I could understand flat feet today because he must weight close to 300 pounds. And Santorum? What the heck is his excuse for running for President and ignoring the Military?

They F E A R the Military. They fear the kind of life a man leads in the Military. They ran away just like their MSM Dodgers have.

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