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Direct bartering is too slow

People in general are addicted to instant gratification. Unless you can address their need to get what they want when they want it you're not going to replace the existing system. BM was designed to enable you, for example, to build up an inventory that dwarfs the size of wal-mart with no "money" out of pocket. It would be the "trading post" of your local community. This inventory acts as the "bank vault" which backs up the currency.

I've got no problem with bitcoins except for the fact that there is nothing of tangible value that is backing the currency. Their value is only based on perception. Everything else about bitcoin is great... of course.

Direct barter is the goal of course - but with instant gratification worked in. Since all dealer's currencies would have different values, in order for dealers to trade with each other they can exchange real items in real time with no wait since each dealer would have a large selection that is available in inventory when the desire arises to trade.

I also wanted to create a way for local folks to use a system that resembles the current one - as a baby step to transition to something new. In addition I wanted to give the average joe on the street a way to compete with and beat the multinational corporations and win.

Those corporations are limited by cash. Your only limitations are square footage and time. The cost to procure inventory is free.