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Thanks for the intelligent response

"People in general are addicted to instant gratification. Unless you can address their need to get what they want when they want it you're not going to replace the existing system."

I agree with that. Hmm, it's an interesting idea. The first thing that strikes me however is that the inventory is used. People's stuff is usually only most valuable to themselves.

I do like the idea of swapping out values between currencies with trades on stuff. That's quite interesting to me. I think there could be some use for such a system, but I need much more time to devote to thinking on it. Thanks again for the response.

Regarding Bitcoin I amended your statement ;)

"I've got no problem with [gold] except for the fact that there is nothing of tangible value that is backing the currency. [Gold's] value is only based on perception. Everything else about [gold] is great... of course."