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The Answer...

The Answer is to get all the Banks out of the Money Creation business, and take away that power.

Banks should merely lend out money which already exists. With no other power or control originating with them.

So then the only remaining question is: Who controls the Nation's Money Supply (and has the sole authority to create money). This is the key question, because it cannot be a for-profit entity that does this here (otherwise the underlying motive will be to distort the money supply for higher profits).

Thomas Jefferson provided a clue when he said: "The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people to whom it properly belongs."

The criteria then is as follows:

1. For the Money Supply not to be manipulated (inflated/deflated) and diluted by private Profiteers, Monopolists, Foreign Interests, scam artists, and outsiders (to the detriment of our Country)-- it has to be something that only the American public can control (through representation and through public auditing).

2. Central Banks hold and control metal, and have done so for centuries. Even today we see wild gyrations of silver because these people have the power to rig the perceived price.

The money instrument therefore must be something that neither the Rothschilds, the Morgans, the Rockefellers, Goldman Sachs or any other criminal apparatus already own themselves or can influence. That is, it must be a Free, Independent Money.

3. John Kennedy had the answer in 1963 when he introduced 1963-Series United States Notes. These dollars, totally unlike Federal Reserve Notes, were not created by purchasing bonds from private Bankers at interest (debt). They were instead debt-free, non-interest-bearing units of money created by the U.S. Treasury directly on behalf of the public. They looked quite different from "Federal Reserve Notes" to the naked eye and bore a distinctive red seal, and the heading "United States Notes". This was free, Independent money that the Bankers had not and could not create themselves.

Immediately after Kennedy's Assassination, Lyndon Johnson terminated the production of United States Notes, as well as the production of silver coins (which became nickle-plated).

This is a good indication that Kennedy knew how to finally de-power these Dark forces that have controlled our Country.