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The personal value of your bicycle by itself is up to you. What is important for transactions is only the relative value (or market value) of your bicycle -- which is simply a function of the overall Money Supply.

If the Money Supply is large, then the value will be a large number (but so will salaries and other forms of income).

If the Money Supply is small, then the value will be a small number (but so will the cost of other goods and services).

So what is the key difference is just this: For what I have described above the Money Supply is then no longer something that is under the control of, and manipulations of Goldman Sachs, The private (for-profit) Federal Reserve Monopoly, International Bankers, and the looters and diluters of our money (Rothschilds, Morgans, Rockefellers, etc.). They can no longer create any money.

None of those Dark forces would own or control any United States Notes, so all that corruption (trillions of dollars) no longer could be performed. Our Government would no longer be servants to the Banks (and have to borrow money from them and pay them back at interest). The Banks would instead lose all their political power. This would be an honest and auditable money system (with no perpetration of debt payable to Banksters).

Only the U.S. Treasury can author United States Notes so it is once again put back in the hands of the public and not the Banksters, as Thomas Jefferson instructed.