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In defense of bitcoin

It is designed to inflate until there are 20 million bitcoins. After that no more are created. I think it's a genius idea which can replace any fiat currency. Some folks can obviously mine faster than others but nobody can mine past the 20 million hard limit.

After that there will be no inflation. It is likely that 1 bitcoin could eventually be worth more than a bar of gold.

Bitcoin is just a currency and that's it's purpose. It's isn't backed by anything of tangible value... but it was only designed to combat the ridiculous debasement of the currencies world-wide.

Bart-Mart gives you the ability to amass a large inventory granted you are honorable and therefore can be trusted. If you are a shmuck the guy down the street can start a dealer account and put you out of business.

So it's a free-market currency that levels the playing field for everyone.

Comparing Bitcoin to bart-mart however is like comparing a tire to a car. They both have completely different functions/purposes. Bitcoins could be listed as an item on a bart-mart credit request if you wanted to.