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Sad fact

Short answer:

You can very easily get your own domain registered and it will come packaged with email services. These servers are not likely to be seized. If you'd like details, message me.

Long answer:

The reality of the situation is this: short of encrypting each email you send out, there is no way to ensure the privacy of your email. But let's say that you do that. How do you ensure that once the recipients receive and decrypt that email, that it is secure on the server(s) it is on at that point?

You can encrypt the data in motion (think of a metal pipe that the data goes through). You can then encrypt the data when it is at rest on a hard drive (think of a lock box that the data sits in). Eventually for that data to be of any value, it must be decrypted by (hopefully the intended) recipient. At that precise moment, the file can be copied, burned, printed, emailed, you name it.

This is why email cannot be considered a truly secure medium. You have to decide what your acceptable level of privacy will be. Google flat out reads your stuff and sells info about you to their associates. They make no bones about it. For some that will be acceptable. It is for me because I go through my life expecting that, regardless of my email provider, the government will get the info on me they want should they decide they do want it. That may not be acceptable to you. It is a personal choice.
That said, I have several email accounts. The one I use for much more private interactions (bank, family, etc.) I run myself.