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Your logic is flawed

Let's analyze:

"So I will stick with my assessment of spy, because I will do every thing I can to get Paul where he belongs."

You are using the form "A because B" here. The problem is, A does not follow from B. In fact, if you end up alienating other people/voters/supporters by jumping to conclusions about them (A), you damage your stated goal (B).

You are using the same faulty logic that those people who don't like Paul's foreign policy use: "We will stick with our plan to attack Iran, because we will do every thing we can to keep us safe."

Plus, you don't really mean B. Have you sold every possession and donated all of your money? Have you sold your extra organs on the black market? Do you phone-bank 12 hours a day every day? Have you worked out how you are going to personally "take out" Paul's toughest competition?

"I believe every person that can't take the heat get out of the kitchen or DP."

So you are saying you are intentionally hostile? How does that help get Ron Paul elected?

"So you do have the right to post just as I do."

No, neither of us has a "right" to post here. Michael Nystrom has conditionally granted us permission to do so, and may revoke it anytime he so desires.

"I am a unwavering supporter for Paul are you?"

So because I don't call people names and try to chase them off the site just because YOU don't like what they say, that brings my "loyalty" into question?

And I am just supposed to believe you when you claim your unwavering support? After all, YOU are the one saying the goverment should be able to just print money. Ron Paul would NEVER in a billion years support that. He would very strongly oppose it. Anyone who understands what he has been teaching should know that. So by your own logic, that apparently means YOU are a spy?

BTW, questioning loyality in response to differing views as you have done is another bit of illogic often used by Ron's detractors. I.e., they say that if you disagree with American foreign policy you are unAmerican.

Do you know what? There are some things on which I disagree with Ron Paul. Does that make me "unPaul"? No.