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Ron is 76 years old. This is

Ron is 76 years old. This is his last go around. If Mittens wins and is re-elected, Ron could not run until he is 84.

VP has very little power. You are thinking about Cheney, who was actually the de facto president as W. was just the front man for his daddy's team. Look at the current dummy, Biden, probably the dumbest VP we've ever had and someone who it is clear Obama rarely listens to. I can run through some of the others like Quayle, Gore, etc., but that would make my head hurt too much. Adams was 100 percent correct in his statement.

Ron would be much more effective as a retired statesman with his principles in tact over someone who makes a deal and a majority of his backers leave him or refuse to support him.

The biggest name of the game in politics today is consistently. Most of them flip more than flipper. Folks want someone who is consistent and a straight shooter. Ron basically said this in the debate. Making a deal with the establishment would repudiate his track record of bucking the establishment.