Comment: Buying from a local dealer CAVEAT

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Buying from a local dealer CAVEAT

That is great if you're not overpaying, and if the dealer can guarantee buy back of your bullion at spot, without charging you a commission on the back end.

My company guarantees to buy back bullion at spot with no commission. We also sell numismatic, but as a professional I am very cautious in recommending that route. Also our markup on bullion is very very low (2-5%).

Peter Schiff's report on scams is a very good one, and my company encourages business integrity more than high mark-ups.

You can call me too for a consult. I just helped my 71 year old Dad transition his retirement accounts, so I understand that dynamic as well. He's as Old School as they come, and he doesn't trust many people at all. It is a process.

I am with the US Gold Bureau ( Austin, TX 512-351-4790, . And no, we are not a government agency. Many people ask that. We sell directly to the public.

I will offer you an honest professional opinion.

For Liberty,

Eric Rowden (Free Diddy)