Comment: Mormons are a tough sell for Ron Paul

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Mormons are a tough sell for Ron Paul

I am a Mormon and I live in Utah. I am also a veteran and I am from Arizona. While I really like living here, it is hard for me to see so many Mormons think Romney is it just because he is also a Mormon. Despite his membership in the church, in my opinion, Romney falls extremely short of exemplifying what we believe in. Politically, people here are more asleep than in other places. Our founder, Joseph Smith, revealed that the Constitution is a divine document and admonished us to defend and uphold it. It is a sacred duty.

With public opinion so staunchly for Romney, (He got 90% of the popular vote here in 2008) it is difficult to break the Mitt trance and talking about Paul shuts down open conversation pretty fast.

This billboard is the effort of one of our most valiant and effective Utah Ron Paul supporters and it will wake people up!

Trust no Future, howe're pleasant, Let the dead Past bury its dead,
Act, --act in the living Present, Heart within, and God o'erhead !
- A Psalm of Life, Longfellow