Comment: Pure Technical analysis - visual tools - link to graphic

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Pure Technical analysis - visual tools - link to graphic

This link is to a graphic that illustrates, with a grid overlay, that the letters at the top of the board are 1 foot high to 1.3 feet high.

The absolute minimum height for letters on a highway billboard is 2 feet in height and this is an absolute MINIMUM height for minimum distance visibility.

The letters are in a font that is very difficult to read at highway speed if they could be read at all.

The letters are close to one another and is many cases actually touching, this makes for very, very difficult legibility.

These are PURELY technical issues which not one person in this thread has had the intellectual courage to address.

And I suffer attacks on my character in ad hominem, I'm held up as a straw man and burned at the stake because I've done my homework, I've done my due diligence, I'm like the boy in grade school class holding up his hand with the answer and all the bullies and lazy fools are throwing spit wads at me.

Respond to the technical analysis or continue with your EMOTIONAL campaign to collect money for really, the Lord only knows.

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