Comment: I understand your point . . .

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I understand your point . . .

if people drive by there regularly, it will sink in--

you may be correct, but sometimes it is the thought that counts--

no attacking here--

just trying to see everyone's POV--

I am sorry *you* feel 'attacked', but perhaps this isn't the place to bring this up?

Perhaps you DO have some better ideas; if so, perhaps you could introduce them in a way that doesn't appear to be an 'attack' on someone else's good intentions.

You sound capable and competent. Start another thread--

discuss this in a way that doesn't make those of *us* who appreciate what someone else has done . . . feel like chumps?

sending peaceful waves at you--

hoping you won't give up on your positive plans--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--