Comment: I drove past this billboard today.

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I drove past this billboard today.

Mostly because my FIL called me early this morning all hot and bothered and wondering why a google search brings up Ron Paul. He's very anti war and found the sign distressing! Spend enough on the internet and you learn that sarcasm isn't quite as sophisticated in text as it is in person. While I get the message, "Billboards" is kind of right and I'm saying that as someone who's actually seen the sign at 70 mph on I-215. It's easy to zero in on areas of this sign might seem offensive. A friend was bothered that "troops" was crossed out, so I've had explain this billboard to 2 people already. Good news is is highly visible, on a very busy freeway and people are taking notice. Personally I thought the website could be better, it's kind of meandering and I thought the point was still somewhat vague, although I did learn something from it. But I'm not so sure the rest of Utah is going to get it.