Comment: There is only one Ron Paul

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There is only one Ron Paul

I hope everyone realizes this. I don't understand the Rand Paul bashing. No he is not his father and never will be. But he is 1000x better than anyone else I know of. I disagree with Rand on this issue too, but I agree with him (and his father) on pretty much everything else. Maybe he wants to look tough to the Neocons i don't know for sure, but I like how Rand is positioning himself in the 'mainstream' Repub party but still standing firm on civil liberties etc. He agrees with Ron that we don't need to be policeman of the world and I don't think voting for sanctions on a country contradicts that. I don't like the people here with the 3 strikes you're out attitude. Ron Paul changed his position on the death penalty once: what if back in the day you were hardcore against the death penalty and gave Ron Paul 3 strikes back then? He probably would have struck out before he changed his opinion. Give Rand a chance he's been a Senator for what, 2 years now?!