Comment: Candidate for President of Mali agrees

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Candidate for President of Mali agrees

This is another interesting Presidential contest:

"Mali does not need foreign aid! Mali needs to use the resources that it has efficiently. Mali is the third largest producer of gold and the second largest producer of cotton in Africa. To date the Malian people have not seen a dime of the profits made from this due to poor management and corruption."

"Corruption can be stamped out through transparency and by returning power to the people who can hold their local government officials responsible. Strong leadership and public participation are the keys to success at stamping out corruption on every level."

"Today Mali is in the same place as it was 50 years ago at independence. The biggest difference is that the security of the region is threatened by Al-Qaeda in the North (AQIM). Samaké plans to handle this threat by working with members of the region where AQIM operates. By restoring security, foreign investments in Mali will increase. Also it is important to improve the ease of businesses to register to practice in Mali. Improving the efficiency of this process by cutting the corruption will encourage companies to do business in Mali."