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I wondered the same thing

I wondered the same thing about West when he was there too. I was one of the only guys who sat down with him and tried to reason with him. My only thought was he was like me in a sense. I thought the Army was an entirely different beast than it turned out to be. I left very jaded toward it and my country. Or maybe he saw the military as a way to learn vital skills he may need later in life? I dont know, and I dont much care. All I know is how he conducted himself while assigned to D/3/75. Stealing from my buddies is something I never would have resorted to though.
It's an easy assumption to make that I posted as another person. I can't disprove it, but it simply isn't true.
West and I are exchanging emails now.

What courage does it take to "stand up" to some over inflated Washington fat cat? He asked a provocative question but built his credibility on falsehoods.