Comment: And we are recieving blow back from the sanctions

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And we are recieving blow back from the sanctions

We know that Iran can not close straight of Hormuz economically or militarily. So how do they retaliate against the sanctions? Speculation in the markets. By announcing they halted oil exports to Britain and France, even though France only gets 3% of its oil from Iran and Britain hasn't imported any in six months, speculation along with the devaluation of the dollar has driven the price of oil up over $100. a barrel.
This blow back could be enough to make our struggling economy fall back into a recession or even worse a depression. I can't believe Rand didn't see this coming. Maybe this will be his wake up call, we all have them. We think our parents are wrong and we don't want to listen to them until we find out the hard way they were right all along. I wouldn't write Rand off just yet, Excellence is learned not passed on through gene's.

"Give me liberty or give me death" Patrick Henry