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That would be great

except it's already a 1,550 word essay. Most peoples' attention spans are too short, especially when they're being told that they're misinformed. I would have liked to include more on how the Federal Reserve is the single most dangerous and destructive institution in the world today and talk more about individual liberty, but it kinda came down to picking the battle.

Most people don't understand the Federal Reserve, whereas the majority of people MISunderstand RP's foreign policy. That's an important distinction and I think the single greatest hindrance to people accepting Dr. Paul. I wanted to craft a true narrative that could draw people in by being relatable.

What's funny is that this entire post came about because I was pissed at the comments I was reading on a young conservatives group on FB. I wrote the first half of this in the comment box of a FB reply before realizing that the length would deter people from even giving it a look. So I copied it over to word and finished it before posting here, which I feel gives it a little more credibility than a random FB post that would end up buried and forgotten.

I am totally overwhelmed by the positive reaction to it though. Thanks Daily Paul fam.