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Representatives are probably still required

...though certainly less so with technological advances, and even less in a more transparent and efficient governmental system. Most people clearly understand the concept of voting, but would (understandably) be entirely overwhelmed with the thought of some of the legislative processes.

In a better system, perhaps direct democracy (bounded, of course, by the underlying Constitutional Republic) could work thanks to the internet and our ubiquitous and global connectivity. But I think that is a risky concept, since the problem of ignorance and laziness is substantial, and that system could only work if people stopped being both lazy and ignorant. As it is, delegating to someone whose full-time job is understanding, implementing, and enforcing legislation on your behalf is probably better overall than the alternative. Right now, I don't think I'd want the people writing laws and running the country to be the same ones writing YouTube comments.

There is definitely room for improvement though, absolutely.