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I agree

This is exactly what needs to be done.
We use Pay-Pal (a Paul supporter) for transactions on the web with little problem
Our original intent was a government of the people who were directly represented in all transactions of legislation. Over the centuries it has been corrupted by power hungry people. Our founders knew the "balance of power" they created would become undone so in the declaration it says it is our duty to restore the republic.
I have been nominated by the Libertarian party to run for Congress this year. My platform will be to turn "the people's house" back to the people. I will do this using some social network internet platform. Tied into the community at the smallest level of electoral district, a few hundred people or so. We elect precincts captains/watchers and/or use the existing library system to provide hard receipts and internet hook up and assistance to whomever needs it.
" I have a lot of faith in the american people. if given the truth they can be called upon to solve any national crisis " A Lincoln
The last few decades Congress has voted in opposition to public opinion. This is not what we are about. I believe people are now paying attention. I will inform/educate my constituents and we will vote .
I will list all 900 bases with a like/unlike button
After full accounting I will list the alphabet agencies with like/unlike buttons
reinstate the 4th amendment with a like/ unlike button
Has technology made most of the bureaucracy obsolete?
Implement the same system with local, county, and state governments, The common thread between these small districts is that they are governed by the same people.
We The People must ask ourselves what should the role of government be?
How much revenue does the government actually take in and where does it go ?
Can we sustain a federal institution small enough to erase the IRS? a personal goal line

The bottom line question is "Do you have faith in your fellow Americans? Are we mostly a decent civilization just ruled by the corrupt minority?"
I have seen Americans come to the aid of others and give unselfishly. Unfortunately these people do not crave power and in this kakistocracy do not rule.
I have Faith in my neighbors.
Dr Ron Paul is the only politician who has faith in us.
He needs to be president

If the system collapses before we succeed, at least I will have accomplished another important quest, that is to bring communities together, and neighbors talking to neighbors.