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Thank You

It is the negative connotation of "Neocon" that is divisive. They are very often the old guard who grew up when the Republican Party WAS liberty-minded and constitutionally aware. Unfortunately, the Republican Party as they knew it, has drifted out from under their original ideals, principles, and philosophies. This has happened so slowly, and in such insidious ways, that those who we now call neocons have difficulty seeing that the status quo Republicans are taking us in the wrong direction. Changing their view will take time and perserverance, and I agree, it is easy to become impatient and write them off with negative labels. But, that is counter to our cause and can solidify them in their commitment to the status quo which has failed. In this light, COOPERATION as used above, to me means learning Robert's Rules and participating in the process, and calling out fraud and dishonesty via video, the media (such as it is, but local is better than National), and the internet. Persuasion, gentle or otherwise, is as the individual sees fit, but responsible civility should be the guiding limit, i.e., would your mother approve. Now, if I can just follow my own advice, I am off to get some nomination signatures, and lure a few more Republicans in to the Paul camp.

In Liberty, we are all in this together.