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exit polled

just voted here in cuyahoga county. I was happy to get exit polled. What I found interesting was that at the top of the sheet it had the logos for all the major networks. I asked the lady who they give them to and she said all the networks use them, but I always thought each network did their own exit polling. After a few generic questions like who did you vote for, age, married or single, the questions then became geared towards being a Santorum supporter. "Do you consider yourself to be a born again or evangelical christian?" Then a question specifically about abortion. Being a Ron Paul supporter, the question I had to think about for a few seconds was: "Why did you vote for your candidate?" Answer choices were: Has the right experience, is morally principled, is a true conservative. I picked "is a true conservative." It makes me sick to think that most of the "morally principled" voters went for Santorum. Never knew wishing innocent Iranian scientists were killed by our own CIA makes one morally principled.