Comment: Nelson Ohio precincts A & B in NE Ohio

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Nelson Ohio precincts A & B in NE Ohio

After trucking around until late last night plastering poll signs across the northern portion of Portage county in the Ohio CD-14 area, I got up early and planted yard signs around the circle in Nelson township and one for good measure at the entry drive to the polling location here. Then I went in and cast my vote for the champion of the constitution. Went home and got back on line to relay information for several people to various groups in NE Ohio about the crossing over to vote process for democrats and the like. Went back out on sign patrol at noon and crossed paths with the wife who was just pulling out of the polling location....YES! Another vote for Dr. Paul. So I followed her home and then had her follow me back to the circle to park my pickup with the 4' x 8' RON PAUL 2012 billboard sign mounted in the back of it right on the circle in full view from all directions. It's a beautiful thing.
I went back out on sign patrol at about 2:00 PM to find that the five signs I planted had been confiscated. But by whom?
My blood was boiling...just a little. So I drove back home and walked back to the circle which is about a little less than 3/4 mile up the road. By now I am figuring the township road crew probably took my signs, because the lone Sanitarium sign was gone as well. I had cooled down a little over the laps of time. But I figured what the heck, I will go park the truck at the entrance to the polling location and hand out super brochures to anyone that was willing take one. Turned out to be a great idea. When I pulled in the drive I could clearly see my five Ron Paul yard signs in the back of the township dump truck parked way back by the township garage building. Needless to say I was ten different kinds of pissed of by now, and drove straight back and retrieved my precious signs out of the back of that truck. Rooster tailed a little gravel, and head back out to the road to finish what I came for. I did manage to hand some super brochures out, though I got turned down by a few that wanted nothing to do with it. Did talk to several blue republicans that voted for Ron Paul. Also managed to talk to some friends on their way in and convinced them to vote for Ron Paul. I stayed for about 3 hours, and got a lot of thumbs up and OK signs from people pointing at my big sign as they drove in as well. I think me just being out there with the big sign on the truck, and a friendly wave and smile may have pulled a few votes also. Good day so far. Now it's just waiting for the tally. I gave it all I had folks. It's up to the ethers.