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Comment: We have to stand strong!

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We have to stand strong!

Right now I want to sit down and cry my heart out. Then I want to yell at fools voting for the status quo. Then I want to call all the sources of the so called news and tell them what biased liars they are. The news/talk radio I listen(ed) to are a shining example of the corruption in the voting process. Speeches from romney, santorum and gingrich. Not one word about that 4th guy, you know... the invisible guy. I pray for a brokered convention and I will laugh my butt off if someone like Jeb gets the nomination after not spending one red cent to run. My biggest statement is: "screw you dumbass voters!!! you shall give us all the government YOU deserve! Sorry... I am a bit disgusted and depressed.
As a side note, I figure we will have 4 more years of ob, maybe more.

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