Comment: Let me tell you something TROLL

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Let me tell you something TROLL

I'm not a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or whatever else dufus party is out there. I don't join "parties". I only registered (R) so I could vote for the only man that can save this country besides God. He just happens to be a libertarian running in the R party because the system is bias against anything else. We're playing their game on their board and we're gonna beat them senseless at their own game.

I'm not running tail tucked to any other stupid party. Once this crap is over with, whether win or lose, I'm out of the "party".

The only thing "parties" do is divide the people. People need to quit the party mentality and vote only for the issues.

I will once again become unaffiliated with any stupid party until another Ron Paul dares to run for president.