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The year I was brought into this world, what a beautiful place! What a great country! The last 38 years have been filled with ultimate bliss! All the while a movement has crept into my life long before my journey into this world, growing and twisting, a little here, a little there!

I lived the dream, a great job, a beautiful family, and warm summers!

Then I was awakened!!!!

Today, as I have for the past 5 years I start my day with thoughts of dread. How do I keep my way of life… Do I spend all of my life savings to send my kids to Collage….Should I fill up the car with gas or just ½ tank as it has dropped .02 cents today after rising .10 cents yesterday…..Am I going to be able to retire like my parents did at an early enough age to enjoy it…..Will my kids live their years in “Ultimate Bliss” as I had….

Tomorrow, I will no longer wake to thoughts of dread! This is my country and my life. I refuse to allow the "Big Government Machine" hold me down!

There is plenty of blame to go around! Now what are you going to do to help fight for changes. It won’t be easy, It won’t happen overnight, and it will get worse before it gets better! If you give up now it will never change.

I am committing to changing my life and fighting for my freedom and liberties, wont you join me?