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An important thing to realize

is that "giving up" is not an option.
It doesn't stop the abuse from coming. The butt-f*cking we're getting isn't going to get more palatable. It's going to get worse. Sometimes people equate "giving up" with "the pain stops". Unfortunately, in this case, the pain inflicted will get far worse. It's like you are getting the crap beat out of you by a bully, and you say "I give up", but he keeps beating the living crap out of you anyway. The only way to stop the pain is the get that bully off you.

So, I'd suggest that people realize that regardless of any apparent results being not what we'd like so far, the effort only has to get stronger.
Unless you just feel like bending over for these tyrants for the rest of eternity.
I don't consider that an option.