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A strange twist of fate may

A strange twist of fate may happen at the eleventh hour. Don't be discouraged, this is not just about an election. And if Ron Paul doesn't win, look at what he's done to start changing the world. It will only continue. And those apathetic people who think life doesn't affect them, wait till something comes down hard on them like a result of the NDAA or the so-called Food Safety bill. More and more people are going to wake up for their own reasons.When I talk to people, instead of just talking about Ron Paul, I tell them about something that happened to someone that violated their rights. Like the child that had the lunch box seized. Things that hit home for parents,etc. That's what works. Then I may mention that only Ron Paul will return us to our freedom. Anyway, the way I see it- liberty is just getting warmed up. And personally, if I'm in the gulag- you can kill my body but you can't touch my soul and I will be back!