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Honoring your oath to the constitution

"It's INFINITELY frustrating when I have sworn an oath to the Constitution, to then turn my back on it and enforce a tyrannical policy or else suffer the penalty of prison or death"

From a vet: then don't turn your back on it. It's your choice. Enforcing a tyrannical policy means killing and imprisoning others so you won't be imprisoned or killed.

Be the change you want. You can't expect others to make sacrifices you are not willing to make. Dr. Paul is not responsible for changing the culture in this country, we are, including the military.

Those tyrannical policies can only be enforced if there are soldiers willing to enforce them. And if you deploy to enforce them rather than refusing then you are saying that honoring your oath to the constitution is not as important as enforcing tyranical policies.

Supposedly we have the bravest, strongest, smartest military in the world, yet no one is brave enough, strong enough or smart enough to honor their oath. So why take it? As Dr. Paul said about Santorum: it's about credibility.

Find other conscientious objectors and organize yourselves. There's strength in numbers. There's never a wrong time to do the right thing.