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Here's What I Believe

Ron Paul has no business running as a Republican. That party no longer represents the traditional conservative point of view, just as Obama's Warmongering Democratic Party no longer represents the liberal point of view. Therefore, Paul needs to go Independent, choose a good v.p. that will be acceptable not just to right-wing Paul supporters, but to those on the left, the independent voters, and those who are moderate conservatives. He has a very good chance of winning if we can make sure people have a choice between Paul/Bruce Fein or Dennis Kucinich (he would help with the liberal vote). When only 9% of the country approves of Congress, the country is ready for a third party candidate.
It is time for Ron Paul to break out and do what he talks about: freedom. He should break free of the corrupt Two Party system. If you think the crowds are big now, imagine how many more people would come on board if he rejected the Two Party system and picked a v.p. that could cross party lines.