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Aldous Huxley's cousin was the founding Secretary of the UN health secretariat. He was also a notorious eugenicist and zero population growther. Their grandfather was a contemporary and friend of both Darwin and HG Wells (all of the above being Fabian socialists) and promoter of social Darwinism as "proof" of how superior humans are right to control and oppress inferior humans for their own pleasure or gain, this view morphing and twisting into the social Darwinism beliefs of Hitler and the third reich on the one hand and Prescott and daddy George Bush's support of zero population growth and eugenicism on the other.

Far from being "liberal", "progressive", or "scientific", both Darwin and the elder Huxley were quite clear to each other in their writings that Darwin's theories were not scientific but served as fertile ground for social darwinism social (and socialist) theories and population control.

Truth is indeed stranger than fiction.