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Channel Your Anger

You need to channel your anger into the campaign for Ron Paul. Donating makes me feel better.

For one thing, he's winning.

For another, if you vote Obama, your vote will be lost. It would be better to vote for the Libertarian candidate, instead. It sends a less ambiguous message.

This race is not over. I feel frustrated and helpless every election because my candidate never makes it in (I vote Libertarian). But I sleep well. I don't see how you can consider the Ron Paul campaign as anything but a winner. We're doing great!

The only thing I like about Obama is that at least he's not McCain. The public ought to be aware by now that Democrats are no better than the status quo Republicans. If we can get the nomination, we stand a great chance of beating an incumbent. Now, that, would send a message to Congress.

What do you think?