Comment: Good on the never give up/otherwise totally unworthy comparison

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Good on the never give up/otherwise totally unworthy comparison

Good on the never give up - otherwise totally unworthy comparison of Dr. Paul to an imperialistic ego-driven warmongerer Churchill who wanted to preserve colonization and a slave Empire.

The British Empire was for the occupied and exploited territories/nations not the joyride the here given whitewash could make the history laymen believe.

Look at and to understand where the British Empire was drawing wealth from - produced by tyranny, oppression and the slavery of colonialism.

If you will (or the author should have) learn(ed) about the Atlantic Charter
you can understand Churchill was not even willing to give up the colonies.
The post WWII era provided much expansion to the US economic grip of the world, that we only see in the failing today. This was forced during the Atlantic Charter talks – where Churchill tried to talk the US into assuming colonies were countries/nations/territories occupied by the Nazis only – the UK being exempt and fine to continue its oppression on the globe - what a farce to a nation that suffered from this and fought for freedom from this and them the hard way!

I do not imply the US is evil, but much of that bankster and corporation scheme has gone way too far and is also destroying freedom and liberty again - lately the Oil has to be secured with armed invasion and important resources like Lithium
are secured with invasions by the US as the British did.

These few out of thousands of examples available in the history books show British Empires hate for freedom and liberty - and its hunger for power and possession of sovereign nations. To me bringing close the "legacy" of a drunk maniac depressive to the fabulous records of Dr. Paul is a huge FAIL!

Explanation for the use of maniac :

You can search and read up more about it – but obviously the in many respects false folklore/legacy of Churchill is only in the process of creating a sober account of this man's personal history.

The British Empires crimes in many places of the world (ASIDE of the truly horrific German Holocaust crime) are not considered lesser or any better in their tyranny, torture, murders and occupation than the ones of the third Reich.

To compare non-interventionalist Ron Paul with a brutal Empire gofer is baseless and disrespectful to Dr Paul in every aspect. ( atl least to ppl with knowledge of history)

When Neocons & Facism go to sleep, they look under the bed for Ron Paul and "WE THE PEOPLE"!

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." M.Mead