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Well said.

I just wanted to add this-- this is Murray Rothbard's Keynote Address to the Libertarian Party Convention in 1977. And I think it's relevant right now, for those who haven't read it before (even if you don't consider yourself a libertarian). And for those who have and are feeling discouraged, it's worth reading again.

Reason and will are thus fused in a mighty and unflinching determination to carry on the struggle until the victory of liberty over statism has been achieved. The American revolutionaries pledged "their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor" to their struggle for liberty and independence. They were not parlor libertarians; they were determined to settle for nothing less than victory, regardless of how long or how arduous the task. And one thing is certain: they never could have won without that iron determination; for otherwise, they would have wilted very early: after Long Island, or Fort Washington, or Valley Forge. The American revolutionaries would settle for nothing less than victory; can we fail to follow their glorious example?