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We really shouldnt be

We really shouldnt be fighting amongst each other. Anyone who expects Ron Paul to set everything straight in 2012 is in for a huge dissapointment regardless if Ron Paul gets elected or not. This is a long fight and for now, not losing is good enough.

Our freedoms is under attack and we must fight of that attack by persisting before we can turn it around and start regaining our rights. I want more rights too, or rather I want my rights that I was born with returned to me from those that stole them. But we have to be realistic here, right now, the little rights we have left are under heavy attack and we need to be patient. We need to stand our ground and when the time is right we make a push, and then another one, and another one. Ron Pauls candicacy is one huge such push. Just imagine how much better off the freedom momvement is today than lets say 10 years ago. This is not through revolutionary change but thorugh persistence and determination.

I would not have been here if it was not for you huys making all the tube-videos. I wouldn't even know about Ron Paul, I'm from Sweden and I don't think I need to tell you that MSM does not mention Ron Paul.

This is a global revolution in ideas, not just an election. Ideas shape the world we live in, the entire world, not just the US even though you have a lot to say. More and more people are waking up to see that liberty is not just good and nice, it is correct and logical as well.

Don't lose hope and keep fighting. We are growing by leaps and bounds every day on a global scale.