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Comment: I've been on a huge Huxley

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I've been on a huge Huxley

I've been on a huge Huxley kick lately. And I'm probably severly baiased here, but I find that Orwell may have been a better fiction writer, Huxley was a far better philosopher and thinker in general.

Orwell's story is better in an entertainment sense. More action, more suspense.

But Huxley has fascinating insights into consciousness and "freedom". Very simlar to buddhism or any other spiritual practice that would claim that being "free" from external coercion is only half the battle. the real coercion comes from sorting through the various competing internal forces and finding out one's own true motives.

This is a common theme you find in a lot of Huxley's work, both fiction and non fiction, from "Doors of Perception" where he basically takes acid to explore his own mind and what it is (worth reading, but make sure to get the version with "Heaven and Hell" attached, as the latter is more scientific and less artsy description of mind altering drugs), to "The Perrenial Philosophy" where he explores various eastern philosophies (i have yet to read this one)

Regarding the whole determinism vs metaphysical libertarian debate (I consider compatibilists to have it closest to correct) some books worth reading are:

Godel Escher and Bach (anything I write here won't do it justice. just read it)
The Mind's I - a collection of essays edited by Hofstadler and daniel Dennet. Has amazing and well known essays on this from John Searle to various sci fi writers.

Regarding Pink Floyd, actually Roger Waters was so impressed by Postman's book that he titled one of his solo albums "Amused to Death" (sick album. I'd say Waters's best while solo)