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It Doesn't Matter What the Media Does or Doesn't Do

if the left, right, and center are climbing on board with an Independent Ron Paul. Not one single person I know likes Romney or Obama. This would not be just any third party run. Ron Paul has a ground game in place. Besides, if Ron Paul announces, the media will sit up and notice, and you can bet Romney and Obama will sit up and take notice. There are some things neither the media nor the established parties can brush aside, and a third party candidate with millions behind him will not go unnoticed.
Seriously, Ron Paul is stuck in the Republican Party only if he wishes to be. Furthermore, if he chooses to go third party, and there are shenanigans with the vote count, we'll see people rise up and go to the streets in the name of justice.
(I'm with you on not voting in the general. I'll either write in a name or not vote at all, if it comes to that. I won't let the media or the liars running for election scare me into voting for them. It's a matter of principle. I will not vote for ANY candidate with an R or a D after their names, either. They're all just money-grubbing crooks.)