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if you're curious here's

if you're curious here's where I'm coming from/what Ive read regarding this specific 'rabbit hole', in roughly the order i read it:

Godel Escher and Bach: a must read. covers so much in such an entertaining fashion

Brave New World: classic

Brave New World Revisited: non fiction book Huxley wrote decades after BNW. Some of it is very insightful on the mind and internal freedom. the stuff on population control and other socialist stuff is junk

Amusing Ourselves to Death: nonfictionbook that inspired the cartoon (not infographic, sorry) about how internal coercion is the real threat. Not storm troopers. (also listen to Waters' Amusing Ourselves to Death while reading for synergy lol)

Doors of Perception: written As he was tripping. cool read but less sciency than Heaven and Hell

Food of the Gods: Fun speculations about the effects of mushrooms on human evolutionary and cultural development. I dont disagree with this books speculatoins, but its not really why im interested in mushrooms. I dont so much care HOW we got where we are, i'm just first interested in figuring out where we even are.

Heaven and Hell: more of a sober lookback at the trip

Island: a very fascianting 'counterpoint' to BNW. this time the "soft tyrrany" is used for good (or is it)

THe Minds I: A collection of Essays on consciousness and what it is. With extensive commentary from Dennet and Hofstadler. Classic Essays in this field.

Free Will: An intro philosophy trext that basically describes "Metaphysical libertarianism" vs "compatabilism" vs "determinism". The book was good as it concisely layed out the 3 positions. But the arguments for the first and third are so bad that it's hard to even make them seem believable, IMO. I'd recommending just a quick google to learn about these various position, not an entire book.

Walden Two: in progress as we speak. (about 35%) Reminds me too much of Huxley's Island. Hopefully it will be different and worth reading

The Perrenial Philosophy: yet to read. On Amazon Wish List