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You can think of it however you want...

....but it doesn't change historical facts that they were totalitarian socialists. That there was a Fabian Socialists society to which Orwell, 3 generations of Huxleys, Darwin, and HG Wells belonged to who openly discussed their plan for global domination. Their fiction writing examines various dimensions on how that plan could play out. Read HG Wells, The Shape of Things to Come.

There is evil in this world. Yes, people often choose it for themselves as you pointed out in a reply above. But there are also those who openly pursue it like these @-holes claiming scientific, sociologic, political or artful interests. When their true interest is enslaving you or killing you for personal gain.

I think it's also worthy of note that Darwin and his Fabian buddies OPENLY wrote to each other about the UNscientific basis of Darwins research and theories, but how useful it is as a sociologic tool for controlling people.