Comment: I'm not surprised at all by the Idaho turnout.

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I'm not surprised at all by the Idaho turnout.

Everyone (except Romney supporters)was furious about having a caucas in Idaho. I knew the minute I heard that it would be a caucus, Romney would win. Romney supporters will come out for their guy hell or high water and they did. I was completely surrounded by Romney supporters. When I stood up for RP cheering and yelling the guy beside me moved and stood in the back of the room. It was a very un-friendly, un-fun event. I'm very curious who made the decision to have a caucus in such a large Republican state. Ada County (Boise/Meridian) is big and the venue for the meeting is 10,000, parking is a nightmare. If Idaho would have had a primary vote the outcome would have been different and I think it was by design. The state of Idaho was not represented fairly in the caucus. The whole idea in this day in age to only allow people present at a meeting to have a vote was very discriminating. My husband and I get up at 3:30am take care of our farm duties, drive an hour to work and work a 10 hr day. We had to get off work early to go home and do chores before hand. We got home around midnight and yes got up at 3:30. We love Ron Paul and nothing was going to keep us away. On the other hand, many people I talked to "like" RP and would have run by after work and voted before dinner for him, but there was no way they would go through what we did.
On a positive note. I was shocked to hear how many people WOULD HAVE voted for him if it would have been easier. Maybe that was the plan. For what it's worth, had a Dem say he would vote for RP if he ran third party.