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It has nothing to do with

It has nothing to do with libertarians. It has to do with a philosophical belief that it is acceptable to manipulate and control other people for their own ends. Unlike the general GOP and DEM voting public, who don't see what they want as controlling others, Huxley and the Fabians know that they would be controlling others and they think that it is perfectly acceptable

It would seem that you are not seeing the distinction between people who know they are manipulating and controlling people, and those who don't know that what they want is to manipulate and control other people. The difference is, in legal terms, intent Huxley and the Fabians have intent, while the general GOP and DEM voter does not.

What you responded to FBI_Exposer, like what you have just responded to me, has nothing to do with the original comments made by FBI_exposer or me. You keep saying Huxley is no friend to libertarians while neither nor FBI_Exposer said anything about libertarians. You mention about Huxley's ideas of the mind are great, ya da ya da, while responding to comments which made no reference to Huxley's ideas on the mind.

You seem to be hell-bent on talking about Huxley's ideas on mind, while you yourself are not listening. The Fabian Socialists are the Philosophical Arm and justification of the unseen hand which you claim doesn't exist.

BTW, Soma in BNW was created by somebody for some reason and there was no other reason in the book other than to make people malleable to their conditioning while making them feel fine with their lot in life. So, since BNW was such an efficient society one must wonder who created soma and for what purpose, other than of course to enslave the lower-level people. Also, I don't remember references in the book to the upper-level executives taking soma; I only remember that the low-level management and the general workers used soma; could this be their unseen hand?