Comment: Why are there always two camps?

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Why are there always two camps?

It seems human collectives want to boil any debate/discussion down one of two flawed perspectives.

I enjoyed reading this post, it is very relevant, but ultimately it will be fuel to the notion that if you question the reported results of elections, then you are some how giving up and whining.

On the other hand, some of the voices shouting election fraud are more emotionally driven then driven by a careful examination of facts.

I for one will take the advice in this post to heart, I will never give up. Many of us are in this for the long hall and whatever the outcome now or later, we will fight as long as we have voices and beating hearts.

But I DO believe there has been tampering to our elections by the GOP. We have lots of mounting evidence to point to inconsistencies in protocol which shouldnot be easily excused as "sloppy work".

If there are mistakes then it is the duty and responsibility of the election keepers to right those mistakes. The burden of proof is upon those that run elections to prove they are fair, and not for us to prove the election has been stolen!

If you want to keep your "rights" then you must fight for them and be ever vigilant. So if you bleive that, why don't we all believe the same is true of our ELECTIONS??

If the people don't have a voice (via a vote), then we've lost our ability to wage a truly non-violent revolution. If we stand by and lose our right to fair elections, we will surely see non-violent protesters attacked by fire-hoses, dogs, and tanks.

Because after all: "these whiners had a chance to vote, what are they so upset about? Maybe they should spend a few months in Gitmo to calm them down"

Perception of popular sentiment is powerful, and without transparent elections which reflect the will of the people, the will can be shaped into whatever those in power want us to believe it is.

Question your government, question their elections, do not passively accept the loss of ANY liberty.