Comment: Delegates, delegates, delegates, delegates oh and delegates...

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Delegates, delegates, delegates, delegates oh and delegates...

So after Pooper-Tuesday, I saw a lot pf negativity, but I also sensed it was well orchestrated Trolls, planted to go for the jugular while the mood was thick with pessimism, that was driving the mood. So, I didn't really buy into it.

Ron Paul supporters have to realize that Ron Paul can't be allowed to lose this election. It's as simple as that. So, "yes" it would be nice if the establishment that are terrified of Ron Paul and who count the votes would allow the people's voices to be heard, allowing a single "Victory" in any state for the good Dr., but I'll bet any of you some big bucks, they won't allow it. We all know he's really won about 4 states, minus the election fraud so, don't worry about the WIN BullCrap, they're trying to disperse the army.

Please understand there's a difference between "Winning" in a free society and "Winning" in a socialist, corporate controlled society. Romney will win the majority of the states, but the only reason he won't win outright is because they have to keep Santorum and Gingrich in the race to marginalize Paul. The minute Ron Paul were to drop out, you'll see Santorum and Gingrich throw in the towel. So, DON'T LET IT HAPPEN!!

Ron Paul may not win a single state but he must pick up as many second place finishes in the beauty contests as we can muster. Then we fill ALLLL the delegate slots regardless of the winning candidate, pretend to be a Romney or Santorum or Gingrich supporter, who cares. We need our army in full force at the convention. The "Veterans for Ron Paul" with be there in Tampa marching in formation out side the convention center in full force, we need the Ron Paul delegate army inside "ALL 2,286" of them.

Defeat is NOT an option I'm sorry I won't buy what the MSM is selling. So, push on people and take it to the convention for the VICTORY!!!