Comment: I dont think im too quick to

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I dont think im too quick to

I dont think im too quick to discount the tools of mass propoganda. I'm just not that interested in looking at them from a moral angle. My view is made up - theyre bad. It's clear who the bad guys are and it's clear that why what theyre doing is bad.

I do agree that so long as there's:

1) external physical coercion
2) external psychological coercion

that one isn't truly free.

However, where, at least to me, it gets more morally ambigious is that even if 1 & 2 were eleminated and prevented, would someone be "truly free"? (wtf is this "true freedom" anyway?)

Or is there:
3) internal desires
that still must be overcome before one can say their true self is free to express itself

Again, if I'm giving off the impression that I dont think #1 or #2 exist or are bad, I'm sorry. I fully concede they exist and I fully concedee theyre bad to do to others. I just am more interested in exploring #3... In find it more interesting to think about and read about.

After all, if #3 is true, then what? How do you know what your "true desire"? How can you be sure that what you think your true desire really is your true desire, etc?