Comment: "Perhaps Aldous was merely

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"Perhaps Aldous was merely

"Perhaps Aldous was merely remarking on his cousin's and grandfather's positions and work. Or perhaps he was helping them envision their endgame. We don't know."


In reading BNW P.S. I get the feeling that he is conflicted. Sort of like a Rosthchild scion who is becoming aware of his familys stock in trade and that it is the reason for everything he has and everything hsi family has, and has to decide to stay true to his own people, or side with what he thinks is right.

You see it a little bit in BNW in the inner dialogues of the protoganist, and you see it a lot more in other books of his.

He strikes me as a person whose heart is truly searching out answers of how an indivual can reconcile freedom amonogst external and internal demons in the world, while at the same time trying to handle his own internal demon (family vs what is right).