Comment: I'm smelling what you're cookin'...

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I'm smelling what you're cookin'...

I like it, but I would add to it by saying that we need a "neutral ground" for the Liberty movement. A large majority of people simply don't buy into teams...I'm one of them...I'm practically sports illiterate.

Take for example how protestant and catholic Irish would kill each other in Ireland but would share a beer in Boston, or how some politicians go golfing together after they bashed each other publicly.

So it should be for the Liberty movement, there should be a place or places where there is an interface of sorts and they hang their tea party or bluedog colors at the door and mingle with the independents.

All that being said, I do agree with you that real change must come from within. So I will stick it out in the GOP if for no other reason than to be a thorn in the neocons' rump.