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Comment: All hands on deck

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All hands on deck

Michael this site is just what i was looking for. Ron Paul as President may be a long shot but I'm going to persuade everyone I can and give every dollar that I can muster in the effort to make it a reality. Hopefully many, many people will do the same.

On other blogs I have seen many people state that they willl support Ron Paul and vote for him, but that his campaign is doomed to failure from the very beginning due to the current state of national politics. Admittedly the odds are very long, anyone would be foolish to think otherwise. Imagine though how much his chance for sucess could improve if everyone who thought that defeat was a foregone conclusion, would instead assume a positive attitude and do everyhing in their power to aide his campaign.

Who knows what could happen. With this current field of lackluster, status quo canidates, a well organized dark horse may be able to surprise everyone!